Mortgage Fraud in North Carolina | NC Homeowner Faces Illegal Foreclosure by American Home Mortgage

Part 1 North Carolina Mortgage Fraud.

Maggie Walker, NC Homeowner, has been fighting for 4 years to keep her home. She has been subject to Mortgage Fraud & Illegal Foreclosure from Too-Big-To-Fail Banks, Mortgage Companies & their Attorney, Gerald Shapiro & Grady Ingle.

Maggie wants to thank Erin Brockovich, who taught her that "it only takes one person to make a change". Maggie is stepping up to be that ONE PERSON to help other NC Homeowners overcome the Mortgage Crisis and keep their homes.

She tried to get help from NC Attorney General, Roy Cooper, whose office would not help her. She tells you about the fraudulent foreclosure practices of Wells Fargo, American Home Mortgage, Option One, MERS, DOCX & LPS - Lender Processing Services & Robosigning and how they prey upon the Poor, Uneducated and Elderly. She warns you about Gerald Shapiro & Grady Ingle.

Maggie Invites You to Join a Class Action Lawsuit.

If interested, please contact her.

Maggie Walker
P. O. Box 10566
Raleigh, NC 27605

Part 1, 2 Video --- Forged Affidavits in NC Mortgage Fraud

Part 3 Video --- Documents for NC Mortgage Fraud