"When the people fear the government, there is Tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is Liberty."

- Thomas Jefferson

Are we living in the United States of America?  American citizens being forced out of their homes by twenty-five (25) police cars and a SWAT team.  The big banks received the Bailout.  Why was Mrs. Catherine Lennon-Griffin and her family evicted?  Will this happen to you in North Carolina?  


Catherine Lennon is going to have her day in court.  On Tuesday evening NY State Supreme Court Judge Anne Marie Taddeo called off the controversial eviction of Catherine Lennon which was scheduled for Wednesday, August 17. Ms. Lennon and Take Back the Land Rochester were preparing for a second eviction defense, including a nonviolent eviction blockade which would have happened Wednesday.  Judge Taddeo has reopened the original foreclosure case and requested that Countrywide/Bank of America defend their original foreclosure which was riddled with irregularities.  Countrywide/Bank of America and Catherine Lennon are schedule to appear in NY State Supreme Court on August 30, 2011. Fannie Mae, who was sold the house from Countrywide/Bank of America for $500, aggressively moved to evict Cathy from her home a second time last week.  On Friday August 12 at the eviction proceeding, City Court Judge Castro refused Ms. Lennon's request for an adjournment, which would have allowed the higher court the time hear the case. Instead Judge Castro sought to evict her in the shortest amount of time possible, 72 hours. Interestingly, Judge Castro seemed most interested and embarrassed by the fact that he was the judge who originally moved to evict Cathy's family in March and seemed to take offense that she moved back into her house and was trying to save it.  What the judge didn't seem interested in was that Cathy had filed an order in a higher court to overturn the original foreclosure or that there seemed to be many illegalities in the original foreclosure process or that this family will be homeless again or that Rochester has thousands of vacant houses.  Judge Castro is just one of many judges pushing foreclosure-based evictions through the system as quickly as possible without scrutinizing the criminal practices of the banks. Judge Castro's eviction ruling has been overulled and the eviction stopped until further order of the Supreme Court. 

 The Lennon-Griffin Family and Take Back the Land Rochester are calling on the City of Rochester to impose a moratorium on foreclosure-related evictions as evidence of systemic foreclosure fraud deepens both locally and nationally.  Nobody should have to go through what this family has already been through in getting justice. 

 Article retrieved from: http://takebackroc.rocus.org